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Work Process

Welcome to Plan A, where you can build. rebuild and renovate without worries thanks to our methodical approach, which guides you fully and transparently through the process.

Step 1:

The big W questions

Where and when will you build or rebuild, who has to live there and what sort of lifestyle do you have? What do you want and what is important to you? Plan A asks you the questions and listens, so that we can map all of the parameters correctly. Ideas are shared and the clients trial our style and our processes. After the first discussion you will receive letter with the complete briefing.

Step 2:

Ready? Steady? Go!

Would you like to join forces with Plan A? Perfect! We will get started straight away, check the building regulations and start a preliminary design in 3D. When the design is ready, we will plan a personal discussion, so that we can discuss your project fully. We take note of all comments and start the fine-tuning.

Step 3:

What will it cost?

An important question that we take to heart. Plan A works as transparently as possible and creates a detailed costing that is split into various items: site organisation, ground works, foundations, materials, the building shell and engineering through to complete finishing. The budget and fees are set out and explained in these points.

Step 4:

Definitive construction plan

Contract signed? Then we will start with the detailed development of the plan. The whole thing has to come together. Plan A maintains focus and engagement in the project and our clients take the plunge at their own tempo. We go through the whole process together. The initial design grows into the definitive design.

Step 5:

Requesting building approval

Plan A creates the building request and the tender documents and carries out all of the required technical studies, such as a stability study and an EPB report. Plan A is happy to take on the entire administrative paper mill, so that you have no worries about receiving the necessary approvals.

Step 6:

The first stone


The site follow-up, management of contractors, planning and budgeting. Everything is followed up precisely by Plan A. That is our strength! We work with reliable partners, whom we select together with our clients and assess which experts can contribute to the implementation of the project. Budget and quality gains secured for our client!

Step 7:

Welcome to your new home

After an inspection with the client, Plan A delivers a finished and key-ready project and we take care of the formal delivery in writing.

Step 8:

Interior design (optional)

The designs by Plan A never only focussed on the exterior, as that cannot be disconnected from the interior, the environment and the style of the interior are aligned to the design, so that everything is in harmony. In doing so, considerable attention is given to a smooth transition between the various spaces and the material choices. Of course, this service is optional.