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Boykot – Anderlecht

About This Project


This involves an industrial building that was most recently used as a plumbing company with an office function, workshops, warehouse and show-room.

The founder, vzw Tonuso, purchased the building in order to be able to provide shelter here for young people as part of a special youth care programme.

The building is part of a dense building block with a very mixed character, both in its form and function. Industry, trade and dwellings stand side by side and, thanks to the dense buildings in the inner areas, a confusing and dark whole with low-quality building design was created.

The state set itself the goal of leaving the inner areas as undeveloped as possible or to find what the correct position could be. Another reality is, of course, the built reality, every square metre of which is paid for.

Through the strategic demolition of particular building parts and partly replacing these with new ones, a framework was created, within which the idea of the inner area as a quiet space was unified with the requirement for surface area of the owner.