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As a bonus, Plan A offers a number of architectural support services for new-build and renovation projects which perfectly match the skills of our staff. We are happy to share our know-how, expertise and experience.

Our services

Stability studies

Stability and durability determine the service life or a home. A stability check is a real must! Plan A has the technical background and carries out stability studies on behalf of private clients, colleges of architects and contractors. We set out to be an advisory partner and will stand by you with accurate advice. Plan A gives the green light to the stability of your new-build or renovation project.

Sewerage inspections

A sewerage inspection is a statutory requirement when carrying out a new-build project or a major renovation! Is the waste water connected correctly? What about infiltration and drainage fixtures? Questions that Plan A will be happy to clarify for you! Our specialised staff are certified by Vlario and can approve homes and apartment buildings. You will receive a conformity certificate from us that you can submit to the municipal government.

Safety coordination

If more than one contractor is involved in a new-build or renovation project, a safety coordinator is required! Plan A is present on site at regular intervals and coordinates matters, so that work is carried out safely and so that work can be carried out safely on the building at a later stage. Plan A guarantees a safe workplace on small and large sites. Is everything safe? Check!

Coordination of construction projects

Do you have a construction or renovation plan from an architect? Great! Plan A has a number of talented coordinators, who follow up construction projects daily. We are the central point of contact and manage and guide everything smoothly within the agreed deadline and budget. Rest easy thanks to our efficient coordination and construction management. You project is in good, safe and experienced hands at Plan A.

How we can help you

  • Drafting contracts and bids
  • Following up bids
  • Appointing contractors and craftsmen
  • Managing execution
  • Site coordination
  • Strict time management
  • Reporting
  • ...